French Legal Education

The law school was re-organized in the year 1918 by Arrete, dated 8th April 1918. The following measures were taken. The course ceased to be free. It was decided to pay an honorarium to the professors. In examinations, the system of allocation of marks was introduced. For being declared to have passed the examination, the candidate should get 50% of marks in aggregate. Mohammadan Law was introduced as an additional subject. Students in the outlying settlements and natives of French- Indian residing in indo- China were allowed to get registered in the school of Law and come and sit for the examination. Baccalaureate was prescribed as the minimum qualification for getting registered for the course of License en Droit. To allow those who did not possess the baccalaureate to get some education in law, a course of capacity en Droit, was created. The course was of 2 years duration with an examination at the end of each year. The minimum qualification of the course was the Brevet Elementaire. The subjects taught were Civil Law, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Public Administrative Law, Hindu law and Colonial legislation.

Later the arête, dated 4th October 1923 allowed the law officials especially the lawyers having five of experience to be associated in the teaching work. All the preceding provisions relating to the school of Law were recast in a single place of Law with detailed regulations by arête, dated 21st July 1935. This Arrete with some minor modification was in force till the time of the DE FACTO transfer of the territory to the Indian union. At the time, it was decided to close the school of Law at Pondicherry, But the students who had already started their course of study were allowed to complete. Attempts were made immediately thereafter to start a full-fledged Law college providing instruction, the pattern, existing in the rest of the country and leading to be B.L. degree. As the minimum qualification for the study of Law was a degree of an Indian University, it was found necessary to open first Arts and Science College in Pondicherry in the Indian Pattern Distinct from the former French traditions. That was soon done, when those institutions started training out graduate insufficient member, a Law college affiliated to University of Madras was inaugurated on 17th August 1972 on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of Indian independence.