History of Legal Education in Puducherry

History of Legal Education in Pondicherry. The need for legal education in Pondicherry was felt as early in the year 1838,and by Arrete, Dated: 15 June 1838, the governor authorized the Procureur Generale to start courses in law relating to the Five Codes, Viz., in Civil Code, Penal code, Commercial code, code of the civil procedure and code of Criminal procedure. The duration of the code was 4 years. The duration of the courses was Four years. The Courses was entirely free and open to all without any prescribed minimum qualification. The professors were drawn from amongst the judicial officers. College course was in the nature of an evening college. At the end of each term, there was a viva voice examination before a jury of the professors who indicate their opinion on the candidate performance. The candidate who passed successfully the four examinations received a certificate of proficiency which made them eligible to become a member of the BAR or to occupy the post in the administration of Judicial department for which the degree of “License en Droit” was not required. They were also entitled to perform temporarily certain judicial functions. It appears that the course started with much enthusiasm in 1838 did not continue for long it was revived by Arrete, Dated:20th March 1867,with some modification, the most important of which being the extension of the course to two year of study and the addition to the syllabus of local legislation and Hindu Law. The Law course program was upgraded in a school of Law by arête, Dated 24th February 1876. The Duration of the course was raised to 3 years as in France with an examination at the end if each year. Roman law and administrative Law were added as subjects of study. The examination consisted of the written teat in addition to Oral tests. Steps were taken immediately to have the course recognized by the universities in France. The decree, dated 1st July 1880 modified by that 17th may 1891 provided that the students who completed the full course of studies in the School of Law at Pondicherry were entitled to get from any faculty of Law in France the Degree of “License en Droit”, with all the rights and prerogatives attached to such a little on fulfillment of the three conditions below:- Possession of Degree of Baccalaureate {art or Science}. Payment of the entire fee prescribed in France for the Degree of “License en Droit”. Passing a special examination consisting of viva-voce test before any faculty of Law in France. On account of such facilities given to the students of the School of Law at Pondicherry. It was decided to follow in the School, the same syllabus as in France and accordingly Economics was added as a subject for Study. The Hindu Law continued to be taught as an additional subject. The recognized process was completed by the decree dated 14th may 1920 which made it possible for a student to migrate during the course. A student has completed the first year of study in the school of Law was allowed to continue his second year in any faculty of Law in France without any examination. Those who completed two years of study were allowed to take the degree of baccalaureate en Droit after a special examination consisting of Oral tests.