A three years after I graduated in physics from Loyola college Madras, I joined Dr. Ambedkar Government Law College, Puducherry, in 1974. I was already a keen student of the emerging national social and political developments. I began to perceive study of law as deeply connected to social change. The nascent ideas in this regard I should say, blossomed after Prof. Dr. N. R. Madhava Menon joined as Principal of the College by the end of that year. The seeds sown by him and my own yearnings to fathom the ends of law and justice led me to a full engagement under his tutelage.

The full time staff, Prof .Menon quickly gathered served the college for long and many have headed this and other institutions later. Prof. S. G. Bhat, Prof. Padmanabha Pillai, and Prof. Krishna Kumar, kept all of us engaged in several tasks. I sincerely thank each one of them. The demanding class rooms with no time for petty leisures, and the vigorous legal aid clinic work which was personally supervised by Prof. Menon, were emotionally fulfilling and stirred my intellectual pursuits. Many tall figures in the Bar from Chennai, and the academia from various parts of the country, including Prof. Upendra Baxi frequently visited the college, adding to the intellectual fervour . Seminars, workshops, individual project assignments etc were our staple. I should also say that the roots of stirrings of my philosophical enquiries on human nature, social order, and life were firmly planted then quietly.

The Impressive library of the college with a wide collection ,(law, philosophy, literature, political science, history,…), was my second class room. I think I might have scanned all of them.

I must say, second to Loyola College, my law college days are indelible part of my profession, and life’s pursuits . Prof. Menon is a huge portrait of my life and as a measure of gratitude I have travelled with him closely, in his later day legal education reorientation endeavours and many other activities including work at the National Judicial Academy Bhopal.

My abiding interest in legal education and legal reforms are the legacy, I have inherited from him. The law college is what it is today, because of the seeds of change sown by him. He deserves to be remembered in big way, by every generation of student community who enter its portals. Let us venerate the institution of Master Teachers.