Advocate Notary.Enrol. No.729/1988 – 11.11.1988

I belong to the first batch (1983 – 1988) of the five year integrated law course in Dr. Ambedkar Govt. Law College, Puducherry. I successfully completed my post graduation in law with a University Gold Medal from Dr. Ambedkar Govt. Law College, Puducherry.

As an alumnus of this institution, I take great pleasure and pride to be identified as a student of Dr. Ambedkar Govt. Law College, Puducherry and consider myself as a fortunate student for reading law in this great institution.

Our college was second to none due to the untiring efforts of my teachers and their pioneering work in legal education placed our college in the list of top law colleges in the country and our college was considered as one of the best law colleges in our country during my days as a student of our college, which I am sure and confident that successive batch of students would also attest to the same.

It is a matter of great joy to me to recall the motivation, guidance and lectures in law and practical aspects of life from my Professors of my alma mater. It would not be out of place to mention my fruitful and active interaction with my teachers, Dr. S.G. Bhat, my principal, Dr. Vikraman Nair, Dr. M. Gandhi, Dr. Vany Adithan, Dr. L. Solomon Raja and Dr. Vijayalakshmi and their knowledge, efforts and guidance inspired me throughout.

The legal education and exposure which I received from my alma mater has enabled me to stand in good stead in my legal practice and in my association with our college as a guest faculty from December 1991. My unforgettable years are closely associated with my alma mater.

I owe it to my parents, my teachers and to our college.